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Organizations & Committees

Triton Tourism Committee
Town of Triton currently enjoys a walking trail, swimming pool, floating docks for boats, which are all accessible to tourists. Local businesses provide boat tours where whales, eagles, iceberg sightings and other sea life can be seen, kayak rentals and opportunities to visit abandoned historical places such as Julie’s Harbour, where old grave markers still stand.  Also check out our Floating Docks.
Contact committee at:

Tourism Chairperson:
Jason Roberts

Tourism Committee Members:

Vice Chair: Doretta Strickland
Secretary: Larisa Medeisa
Ada Williams
Danny Vincent
Diane Rice
Leon Strickland
Reg Rice

The Town of Triton has been successful in offering programs to various groups, but programs for youth certainly stand out. The town boasts a beautiful hiking trail, softball field and tennis court, skateboard park and arena.  In past years both playgrounds have had new equipment and regular maintenance to offer children a safe place to play.  If you have any questions please forward your request to the Town Office (Attn: Recreation Committee)


Recreation Chairperson:
Pat Williams

Recreation Committee Members:

Vice Chair: Bramwell Roberts
Secretary-Treasurer: Shelley Taylor
Edmund Whelan
Diane Rice
Faye Williams
Harris Roberts
Jake Roberts
Reg Rice
Robert Williams
Roger Roberts

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Triton Ambulance Service

Triton Ambulance Chairperson:
Harvey Henstridge

Triton Ambulance Service Committee Members:

Secretary: Carla Roberts
Winston Woodford
Roger Burton
Gilbert Roberts
Harris Roberts