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Integrated Community Sustainability Plan
The Town of Triton has completed the Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP). Town staff have been working closely with Darren Simms of Triton who has been retained to prepare the Plan.  Council have been involved on the process and have approved the integrated sustainability approach that the plan embraces.  This means that the Town of Triton will have a new Municipal ICSP; a plan that has re-defined our goals, vision, and strategic direction for the Town of Triton in the future.
The Town of Triton’s Integrated Community Suistainability Plan will be available to residents when it has been approved by the Dept. of Municipal Affairs.

What is an ICSP?
An ICSP is an Integrated Community Sustainability Plan. In it’s most basic form an ICSP is a long-term strategic plan that should encompass most aspects of municipal planning. “Integrated Community Sustainability Plans” means a long-term plan, developed in consultation with community members, that provides direction for the cities, towns and regions to realize sustainability objectives it has for the environmental, cultural, social, economic and governance dimensions of its identity.

Why do municipalities have to complete one?
The completion of an ICSP is one of the requirements of the Gas Tax Agreement and therefore municipalities who do not submit a plan by the deadline will not be in compliance with the Agreement and run the risk of non-renewal of the Agreement.

What is the role of council?
It cannot be overstated that the role of council in ICSP development is to lead the process. Council should lead the public consultation, visioning, goal development and project identification components. Even if a consultant is engaged council must still provide direction as to the expectations regarding the process and the result of the ICSP development.

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